I am an artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. I worked for many years as an illustrator combining the digital and the tactile. As a result of this I began regularly writing about my process for Computer Arts Magazine in the UK and eventually several others. This turned me into a writer and I wrote several books – two of which are quite good. Becoming an author (sort of) paved the way to my current day job as a college professor of art and design.

Eventually turning away from illustration, I began painting in order to develop a relationship with art that was not rooted in commerce and to work in a tactile, non-digital medium. There is an excellent piece about my work and my transition from illustrator to artist by acclaimed English writer Garrick Webster here.

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Solo Exhibitions:
2019. “Like father like son: A tale of two Kims”, The Pilot, Toronto.
2018. “Mutoids from the deep”, The Pilot, Toronto.
2017. “Persistence of the signals”, Flying Pony, Toronto.
2017. “Signals fill the void”, The Pilot, Toronto.
2015. “Null”, Corridor Gallery, Toronto.

Group Exhibitions:
2019. “Fassie Express”, Corridor Gallery, Toronto.
2019. “‘nuff”, Corridor Gallery, Toronto.
2017. “Sixteen inches up”, Corridor Gallery, Toronto.
2014. “Sixteen inches down”, Corridor Gallery, Toronto.