Like Father Like Son

‘Like Father Like Son: A Tale of Two Kims’ is a collection of work showcasing the playful side of the father-son relationship between Kim and Kim while acting out their alter ego pop culture archetypes. All work is acrylic on braced plywood panels. Sizes vary from 12″x 9″ to 15″x 10″ to 10″x 10″ to 16″x 12″ to 20″x 20″ to 32″x 20″.

KIM as you are

WelKIM to KIM’s nightmare

Jabba the KIM

KIM frozen in carbonite

KIM utero

All KIM and no KIM makes KIM a dull KIM

KIMfinity gauntlet

KIM uses the force

Blood sugar sex KIM

MotorKIM: the ace of KIM


AmeriKIM gothic

KIMwork orange

KIM wants to rock and roll all night – and party every day

Gene KIMmons dreaming of the starchild

Aladdin Kim