Mutoids From The Deep

The Mutoids are unfiltered and unquestioned manifestations directly from inside my head onto the canvas. I set out to create a show with no idea what would be in it. The images were all 100% impulsive. An idea would pop into my head and I would just run with it. Some executions were swift while others were long and painstaking but in every case, none of the content was contrived beforehand. This is not pure Automatism as the actions and processes themselves were not involuntary. However, in terms of content, this is nothing more than a deep dive directly into my subconscious.

All of the paintings for this solo show are acrylic on canvas. Although there are some smaller works at 20″x 16″ scale, the majority of pieces in this show are considerably larger. The larger paintings range in size from 40″x 30″ to 24″x 48″ to 60″x 40″.

Mutoid Seer

This Mutoid Has Had Too Much Too Fast

Mutoid Asteroid

Mutoid Doppelgangers

Mutoid Android

Mutoid Intronaut

Mutoids Retreating With Haste

Semi-permeable Mutoid

Mutoid Cysquatch

Mutoid Overlord